Once upon a time...


Third Coast Live.net

People clustered around their radio sets for entertainment...

Imaginations stretched further than 35 inches measured diagonally...

Theater of the mind was the order of the day...

....Well,  things have changed





"People need to hear this."
---Steve Karesh, XM Radio

"Who knew watching radio was so entertaining."
---Tom Simes, Dallas Morning News

"You've got great talent. You already knew that."
---Dick Brescia, Media Consultant

"Intelligent comedy, it exists with Third Coast Live Radio Theater."
---Marjorie Van Halteren, Radio Queen, 3 Peabody's

"BK does it again. Very skillful audio ."
---Dani Cutler, Podcasting Queen

"You impress me, BK."
---Neal Malley, Engineer, Funimation, Third Coast Live Radio Theater

"My daughter was not humming her usual tune. It was the Third Coast Live Radio Theater jingle ! She stopped mid-tune and asked to listen to more Wonderduck and Bucky Adventures ! Are there more episodes?"
As reported by her father, Captain Radio (Richard Summers), for Athena Summers, a captivated 10 year old fan from Austin, Texas.


Always humbled by what people say about a the radio theater company known as Third Coast Live Radio Theater, Inc, it was a challenge to get BK Turning to share the accolades.

XM satellite executive producer, Steve Karesh, in a telephone conversation with BK Turning asked for more "Gerbil Minded Radio".

Third Coast Live Radio Theater is now working, in studio, to reproduce broadcast quality sound of our original comedy material for XM radio, and other radio outlets, in order to meet all future audio challenges. Temporarily off stage, we are focusing our talents in the studio and in post production.

Audience laughter is the fuel which moves the vehicle... but when broadcasting, we want the sound to be crystal clear ! When we return to the stage, we have a very different format to introduce to our audience. One which is full of surprizes, audience participation, music, and mystery!

Up to the challenge, in a recent conversation with Chris Pray (4 time Emmy Award winner) has tentatively agreed to meet with Third Coast Live Radio Theater-West, in short bursts of broadcast ridiculousness (featuring other voices, such as, Jim Cranna, BK Turning, and others) in Sausalitio, California. They won't go blue, and will stream it, widget it, and spread the joy.

Until that time, remember: "Listening is the key to understanding."


"Now,  cluster around your listening devices and tune into what is reflective,  and  "retro".



Mission:   Third Coast Live Radio Theater excels at producing and promoting deeper listening skills. Promoting original audio pieces, revisiting classics, basing work on historical value, and delivering food for thought through levity, joy, adventure, and unique circumstances; we offer "Edutainment".

Vision:  An open exchange of audio rich international and national stories.

Goal:  Third Coast Live Radio Theater, Inc. streams from the net, and is inclusive of collaborative programming and productions with international voices who are supportive of deep listening and fundamental entertainment; as can be heard on CD's and sustainable audio outlets, internationally.

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